Lithuanian Red Cross Society Visaginas Department

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Lithuanian Red Cross Society Visaginas Department

      In Visaginas department rescue squad was created in 2006. Volunteers and staff on duty at the detachment events, competitions in our city and in Lithuania, and always willing to help. It helps rescue services at a mass incident. Search and Rescue Squad participates in national and international exercises, constantly conducts classes in his office. To prepare a rescuer need funding. Basically, funds are needed to prepare and outfit.

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      Visaginas branch of the Red Cross conducts courses in first aid for different categories and students. And as statistics show, not just those who have passed this course, have to save the lives of others. In order to prepare professionally for the cadet first aid necessary teaching materials.

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2 €
3 €

      Social Service of Visaginas branch of the Red Cross helps the elderly and lonely people who care for seriously ill patients, taking into account the needs of these people. Assist and Red Cross volunteers. The funds allocated to the program is not always enough, often not enough money to buy diapers, vitamins, food.

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