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Lithuanian Red Cross Society Visaginas Department


Successfully going with a project “Healthy child to an ill child” for two years now.

    Visaginas Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross committee of Hedmark and Visaginas child support centre are cooperating on a project “Healthy child to an ill child”. Youth group is working with the handicapped children twice a week and additionally spare their sunday to those handicapped children, that are not going to the centre (children with special needs).

   Norwegian Red Cross committee of Hedmark, is teaching Visaginas’s volunteers on how to work with the children that are handicapped. They are providing bough theoretical and methodical knowledge and equipment for the project.

   Visaginas child support centre is providing it’s rooms for the project to go by, coordinates communications between the parents of the handicapped children and volunteers.

EU food from the savings program.

   In 2011, European Union spent 26.9 million LT for food products to less fortunate families in Lithuania. That is 3.7 million less than in 2010

In 2011, total number of less fortunate people that are given food products increased twice. Given away food products in total: 23 240 packages (that is 1 bag per person). Almost 2555 tons of food products was brought (only 600 pieces are left). This is 2% of the total food products amount.

   This whole project was able to succeed thanks to the RC volunteers. Firstly it’s Ana Hau and Richard Kroll that are active volunteers for many years in this project. Other good news was to see Liudmila Kiseliova and Tatjana Suchova to join our activity again.

   This project is one of the most difficult, although very needed for our town citizens. By accomplishing it we can see direct Red Cross help.

   I would like to say that it will continue this year. There will be 6 products presented per year. It is expected that the number of less fortunate people will increase. This means the work will get more and more difficult. Volunteer help is critical here.


Training for first aid.

   First aid (FA) training was organized by Visaginas committee secretary first aid training instructor lector (licensed). Also, 8 first aid training lector-volunteers.

   In 2011, free first aid courses were performed for the citizens, under 8 hours teaching program. 52 people participated in the training during the year. During summer time, no courses took place and not all citizens know, that they can get training for first aid for free, thus we are expecting more people to come by to learn first aid.

   We also organized health training hygiene courses and training regarding alcohol and drugs use health risks.

   501 people participated in 2011 for first aid giving courses. FA courses were organized for teachers, social workers, construction workers and drivers.

   Hygiene courses 251 people. Training regarding alcohol and drugs use health risks 10 people And 1665 LT gathered for social work. In September 18th, first air teaching instructors, volunteers, RC youth volunteers had organized an activity to celebrate World First Aid day. This activity in Visaginas is being organized for 5 years in a row now. Activity’s aim was to help the citizens to learn, how to give first aid correctly to the injured.

   LRC Visaginas committee “Youth without drugs” Having received funding of 5300 LT from Visaginas municipality, drugs prevention seminars for the students were organized right away.

   Prevention in schools is one of the most serious things that need to be done. It is not a mystery, that more and more students are starting using the drugs.

   In 2011, Visaginas Red Cross committeeТs secretary M.Korkut and J.Meteliova “Atgimimo”, “Verdenes”, “Visaginas centre of business and technology” and “Ziburio” schools had organized seminars of “Youth without drugs”.

   On seminars it was talked about such topics as how to feel good without drugs. Students gained lots of new information regarding conflicts, their types and learned how to prevent and not to have such situations in their lives. Even more information was given to the parents.

   Data on HIV/AIDS was presented. Participants were introduced to Red Cross’s activities and what it’s about through games and talking. Experience showed that the project is successful. Kinds wanted to start voluntary work in Red Cross, they were more open to others, accepted new people easier, and their behaviors in schools had changed. Society and parents asked to please continue this project.

   Another project dedicated to HIV prevention is being successfully performed since 2010. УHIV/AIDS prevention in syringe used drugs users and care after them in Visaginas is being financed by UNODC

   Main project’s aim is to continue having HIV/AIDS preventions in Visaginas. During realization of the project, a special room by LRC Visaginas was created for voluntary patients testing, consultation and information, where they were offered help (sterile syringes etc.) and rehabilitation. Also, information on awareness was given off with the help of police and other social organizations.

   First year was more difficult, because we had to wait to gain trust from drugs users, but result was reached, since we had people that had authority and could be trusted in our project. During the year, over 120 people came by for help, that were given a consultation and other help. Syringe drugs users were given the information about health care and other important in social life topics. Many people were willing to give up drug use. 34 people were offered rehabilitation, 16 of them are still successfully continuing healing in the centre. Our consultants were informing the drugs users.

   Negative society’s attitude towards the project and it’s clients was minimized, since the society was informed very well. Right now, it is being discussed about financial support for 2012.а

   Visaginas RC volunteer search and rescue team activity for 2011а

   In July 8-10th of 2011, international training was organized for Red Cross S&R team. During short time going through theory again and of course practical exercises on such topics as: navigation, topography, first aid and psychological help and team work essentials.

   Whole study program was organized by Visaginas Red Cross, S&R Marija Korkut and team leader Andrej Sherubniov. Norwegian Red Cross representatives only coordinated and observed how were the trainings going. This was the first time, when RC volunteers from Latvia (Daugpilis), and Belarus (Vitebsk) were invited, that is Visaginas RC partners.

   Summer training were organized for the S&R team ever since 2006 in Visaginas. Different Lithuanian Red Cross committees were always invited to participate, unfortunately no participants were found.

   Participation of Visaginas RC in social events such as “Visagino Country” (music festival) is a perfect opportunity to show that we exist and find new volunteers to join us. Every year over 100 singers from over 25 countries perform in Visagino Country. Red Cross always was there to help the injured during the festival. We had to deal with a great amount of different injuries: scratches, cut injury, broken legs, sunstroke, strains etc. Rescue team performed excellent in every single situation.

   In July 14-16 of 2011, in Jork city (UK), annual psychological and social support forum took place, to plan for extreme situations. Forum’s topic was “physical and spiritual powers resilience”. Forum’s aim was to give new ideas to Red Cross workers, provide good practical experience and tactics. This helps participants to create recommendations to further social support growth.

   44 people from 22 countries participated. Marija Mitina from Visaginas S&R team participated in the ENPS forum.

   In September LRC of Visaginas together with Vilnius county committee had prepared a first aid in extreme situations giving training-exercise in civil safety teaching center in Nemencine. RC youth volunteer team from Vilnius together with Visaginas and Molodechno city (Belarus) was involved. This whole course was organized and performed by Visaginas committee S&R team.




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