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Lithuanian Red Cross Society Visaginas Department


On the occasion of World fight against AIDS day in Visaginas (Lithuania) with the financial support of ERNA ( a rally "Know your status, make a test":

A HIV test result must be known to anyone taking care of their personal health and loved ones! In order to make more people aware of HIV test result, for the fourth year in Visaginas, a HIV test week was organized. All who wish to invite to join the forthcoming promotions and test for free in just 1 minute.

Lithuanian Red Cross Visaginas branch took the initiative to draw attention to the problem of HIV infection in Lithuania. During the rally,  various training seminars, training, anonymous HIV testing were carried out.In Visaginas over 200 people have checked themselves for HIV. The Red Cross workers visited educational institutions, day care centers and hostels where they not only checked all those who want to perform fast tests, but also to provide information on what to do when infected by HIV & AIDS diseases.

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